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I decided to have my knee replaced when..
How my life changed after knee replacement

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2months after TKR or TKA

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So I had total knee replacement 2 months ago went to my PT 3 times a week I thought I had good improvement got up to 108deg but 2 weeks ago bombed out at 94deg the stiffness and pain got unbearable need to add I was not the perfect at home physical therapist either due to the stiffness and pain. So had a manipulation done Jan17th went PT after the manipulation wow got up to 114deg of motion but when I got home my knee hurt so bad especially trying to lift it on my own on my couch first time it brought a tear to my eyes not sure if this is normal is there any other way for pain management other than choking pills down which does not really help PT tells me gotta work through it I go to PT today not really wanting to due to the swelling and discomfort/pain but all in all I am still glad have done the surgery.
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