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I decided to have my knee replaced when..
How my life changed after knee replacement

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4 Months Post Op and having doubts
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On March 19, 2019, after knowing I needed knee replacement for a couple of years, the day arrived for my surgery. I wasn't scared and ready to go. My second day after surgery I broke down and melted totally down in my hospital room. I had a ton of regrets. I have experienced 4 panic attacks since that day (these are new for me). My knee fully extends and bends like it should except when it is badly swollen. My outpatient therapy is over and doctor took me off all my meds. Well, sounds "rosie" but not so fast. It is my right knee and it stays swollen - my entire leg stays swollen.. The burning on the inside of the knee is awful. I returned to work and sit a great deal, but when I get up, I almost want to cry - stiffness and pain (now in both knees thank you very much). I have not gotten on the "TKR Train" yet. I understand it may take another few months but God did not bless me with patience nor a doctor who understands. I have never likes to take a bunch of pills but I am to the point where I am willing to. I use ice during the day and at home. I exercise in the pool 3 days a week and walk daily. I am miserable. Please tell me this gets better and that I did not make a mistake.
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