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My Tennis Journey

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Slightly over 20 years ago, having moved to New Smyrna Beach, my wife And I began playing  tennis.  At 60 years of age and having retired, we both found it to be a great source of aerobic exercise necessary to keep in good physical shape.  Additionally,  we both found it to be a great deal of fun.  Over the years, you might say that we became addicted to the sport, and suffered through the usual ailments of tennis elbow, foot difficulties etc. but we got over those difficulties.

Then about five years ago now, I began to have a more frequent pain in my right knee. During this period of five years prior to knee surgery I used a series of knee supports and braces which seemed to help. Additionally  as the difficulty progressed, I also had a series of injections which did not seem to be at all effective.

During this time, it seems I met more and more people playing tennis who had had knee replacements, who would not have been playing if they had not had the problem corrected. At times, playing doubles (4 people), half of the eight knees involved had been replaced. Then during the summer of 2012 which we were spending in Vermont (playing tennis) it simply got bad enough that I could no longer delay a repair if I wanted to continue with tennis.

I had realized for a long time that sooner or later, I would have to “bite the bullet” so to speak and have a knee replacement. Two of my tennis playing friends here in Florida had taken this step in the previous year.  As a result, we left Vt. two months earlier than usual to return to Florida to have this done.
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