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I decided to have my knee replaced when..
How my life changed after knee replacement

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Swimming hurts!

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I’ve been swimming for 24 years. But in the last few months I’ve found that even swimming hurts. I have tried swimming sidestroke, backstroke, and not kicking, but every time I swim (which is now down to once or twice a week) my legs just scream at me in pain. I can barely stand long enough to fold laundry without being in pain. I walk with a cane and still work full time as a librarian, but I am constantly sitting in my recliner with a heating pad on my lap and knees. I no longer grocery shop but have my groceries delivered. I barely go anywhere because it is so hard to get around. I’m 1-1/2 months away from getting my knee replaced but I want to dig it out now. And I worry how I’m going to manage therapy because the other knee is bad too and catches all the time. Feeling very frustrated!
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