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3 months after TKR
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I had TKR on January 11 of 2021. I had let this surgery go for over 2 years before I finally just couldn't take it anymore. I am almost 3months out from surgery. I was doing great or so I thought. Now I am not so sure, my flexion was 112 as if last month. I am once again having trouble getting in and out of my car. I started having tightness in the front of my knee making it difficult to bend again. Therapist say this is common sometimes and it will be fine. Then I discover an array behind my knee on the left side that is swollen. That makes it difficult for me to bend as well. I am so frustrated I feel like I am stuck. I am disappointed that I am not 120 or greater. I am praying I don't have to have any more surgery. Anyone else gone through this same thing and came out just fine without anymore surgeries? I don't regret getting the surgery done. The pain I had before is completely gone and for that I am thankful. Any advice would be great appreciated.
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