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I decided to have my knee replaced when..
How my life changed after knee replacement

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6 weeks post op left TKR

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Reading these stories have made me feel better about my knee replacement. I started with my left and must get the right one done after I normalize. I am an athlete and was in shape before the surgery and I was still amazed at how atrophy sets in and knocks you down. The atrophy of my quads shocked me the most afterwards and am working diligently to get them to wake up, which they are slowly. I was told that swelling in the knee is to blame and that it shuts down all muscle function from the glutes to the calves. At six weeks I am off pain meds I use full spectrum CBD at night with tryptophan and turmeric to try and get a good night sleep. But, Man! The pain in the first 3 weeks was very special for sure! Glad it’s over. The drugs I used, I tried to stop taking as fast as possible, because I think it will help with my healing.

I am getting full rotations on my bike so I ride daily, PT is going well and I was able to do a scenic ride on the Peloton so I am really excited to start working out to further the progress. I was able to get on my surfboard yesterday and paddle around, the water felt so good.
I am having problems with the straightening my leg and my toes will not lift off the ground very far. I have some work to do for sure.

I want to closed by saying, NO JOINT PAIN!!! that is the thing I kinda forgot about, so hang in there! It will be all good soon! Keep reading on the boards to realize you are not alone in this shindig!

Heal well~
I wish there was a date on these stories. I have no idea if your surgery was 6 weeks ago or 6 years ago. At 5 weeks my range of motion was 100. Then the physical therapist put 200 lbs on the leg press which resulted in my knee blowing out and a big balloon in the back of my knee. The next time I went in my range of motion was 87. I was so mad at him! I've lost about two weeks worth of hard effort!
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