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After a diagnosis of Lyme Disease and a chronic hive condition, my knees deteriorated in a 2 year span. It is known that the bacteria from Lyme settles in joints, knees being the top of the list. I will never really know if the deterioration was related or not but the time line makes me think it was. I started praying that I could somehow find a way to afford bilateral knee replacement. I was having a lot of difficulty walking, working, almost falling several times at work, unable to hold my grand babies while standing (heartbreaking for me), my prayers were answered and I was able to have bilateral knee replacement Oct 25, 2017. I was 50 years old at time of surgery. ( I have just turned 51). My age is part the reason I chose to do both knees. I am 13 weeks post surgery, not back to work yet, struggling with my right knee and facing MUA Feb 2. I am very nervous about having my knee manipulated but my right knee will not progress. I did have 18 sessions of PT starting the week after surgery. My left knee is coming along with about 100-110 Rom and fully able to straighten. My right knee at 90, and not quite able to fully straighten. My surgeon says I am in the “window” of needing the MUA. I trust what he says and feel because I have not been able to progress because of scar tissue, it is the best thing to do. I would love any comments from anyone who has had knee manipulation. I am still happy with my decision to do both knees at the same time but had no idea how long the recovery would take. I take hydrocodone and just started on Celebrex as I had a recent allergic reaction to ibuprofen. I went through the depression stage when I would just start crying, especially when doing my therapy at home. I still have a break down now and then but feel better as time goes by. I have found it is really important to take my medications as directed and not be fearful of getting addicted to pain meds. You hear so much about addiction it can be a scary prospect but not taking them as directed is not beneficial and I don’t want to regress in my progress. I am ready to get back to normal but I learning to be patient. I am hopeful after the upcoming procedure for MUA, I can move forward and see a light at the end of this long tunnel. Again, anyone who can share if you had knee manipulation would be very helpful.
I have had both knees done now, the left last year and the right on June 4th. last year I had to have the MUA on my right knee and it was a piece of cake! I went in at 6:30 a.m. and was home by 10:30. Didn’t feel a thing. as a matter of fact, I actually ran up the stairs in our house. My surgeon tells me I am a candidate for MUA due to a build up of scar tissue and adhesions. We are making good progress in PT so we will see!
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