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I decided to have my knee replaced when..
How my life changed after knee replacement

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Arthritis as a result of an accident

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When I was a kid I collided with my dad whilst he was mowing the lawn; unfortunately my knee was seriously injured by the lawn mower. Thirty odd operations as I grew up. But arthritis set in when I was 16. I managed to last until my early thirties on pain killers and heat pads but I eventually had a new knee at the grand old age of 32!

My specialist was excellent and I had complete faith in him. It was a big operation and more painful than I thought. I didn't see the benefits - pain wise- until 18 months later when pain significantly reduced. I hit a problem two years later when the joint didn't work and I wouldn't lift my knee from a sitting position. But a "button" was added and I got over the operation - which meant re-opening the entire scar again.

But I've got over that and am better again! My mobility isn't great but the pain is so much less than it was before. I'd advise anyone not to wait as long as they can and suffer with the pain; get the op done and you will feel the benefits!!!
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