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How my life changed after knee replacement

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Cant bend my knee

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It’s only been 3 weeks since my full knee replacement surgery but I was told by my surgeon when I seen him at my first follow up visit I should be able to bend my knee 90%. Well I can’t bend it hardly at all without extreme pain . I can bend it a little then it just stops and if I push it the pain is bad. I can straighten it but I am worried that I can hardly bend it. My adult son keeps pushing me to bend it and it’s getting so frustrating that I can’t. Is this normal ? I started PT this week and even my therapist said it’s the tightest she seen so far. Anyone else having this problem ? Should I be worried ?
I'm in the exact same position, just a touch over three weeks. I hit 91 once, but my last measurement was back to 85
So frustrated. I posted in the other subject area how my life changed after TKR) but no responses either. The pain in bending is just so extreme. Straightening is not as tough. I also wanted to know if this was normal.
Hopefully we'll hear from some folks.
I did read some other stories and comments, so I think others have had the same struggle. Hoping something clicks for both of us!
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