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I’m 58 years young and every day I find myself in pain with both knees. Doctors informed me at the age of 46 that I have the knees of a 60 year old and I would eventually need both knees replaced! I tried every cortisone shot that my insurance would approve! Then I tried the equivalent to the flexogenix shot! This failed after 3 full weeks! Bone on bone is the worst pain! My lifestyle has totally changed since this impairment. I don’t travel as much or walk on the beach! I want my active and moving life to resume! I’m scheduled to have my right knee replaced on 01/13/20. I’m a little nervous but I’ve held off too long in having this surgery! I’m requesting much prayers and motivation as I travel this knee replacement journey! Thanks!
Today I was scheduled for my right knee replacement surgery at 12:45 p.m. At 8:00 a.m. I was informed that my BMI and A1C is too high and I’m at risk of getting a infection! I’m sad but I understand they want me to be safe and healthy! I have to lose 20 more pounds and get my A1C down to 6 or less! I’m encouraged to complete these goals because I do not know how much more of this knee pain I can take! Much prayers and encouragement need! Thanks!
Cocoa so sorry to hear this. I was so hoping to hear how well everything was going as I am scheduled for the 21st. Please keep us informed.
The surgery coordinator called me on 01/29/20 and I was ecstatic when she informed me that due to my faithful efforts of working with a personal trainer and nutritionist over the last two weeks, they have rescheduled my second preop assessment for 02/17/20 and my right knee replacement surgery for 03/02/20! I will tell you that I realized I need to start taking better “care” of me! I’ve decided to make a total life style change with my eating and exercising way beyond my knee replacement!!! I don’t want to damage my shiny new knee with bad eating and exercising habits!!!!
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