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I decided to have my knee replaced when..
How my life changed after knee replacement

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In 2019 my right knee was replaced. And I am so happy with that knee today.

My left knee was planned to be operated upon as well. Covid came in between, surgeons left and the waiting list in Spain became longer. And because healthcare in the province where I live, is free, I can’t complain. But with pain coming and going, it is not easy.

Today, 20 May 2023 I received two messages from the hospital for a blood analysis and an ECG for 21st June. The ball starts rolling again.

Looking back at the Knee Guide App now, I can still see the notes I made then. That’s very helpful.

I am excited for the upcoming operation and I wish everyone well who underwent surgery or is waiting for their op.

It has then been a life change and I hope this one will be too.

I am excited!
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