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How my life changed after knee replacement

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Hello I am a 54 year old Male. I have worked on Ships, tug boats, and drilling rigs since I was 15 years old. I played sports in high school and rode Motorcycles when not working. yes I have had accidents and have had a couple of arthroscopic knee surgeries. The last 5 years have really taken a toll on my knees. where once my beautiful wife and I used to walk on a regular basis I can hardly walk 500 feet before the pain becomes so bad I cant stand it. At work I still do 11 to 15 flights of stairs a day and 10 miles a week while at work. the pain is so bad at times I cant sleep for hours. I have seen 3 orthopedic surgeons who were not interested in talking to me because I am overweight by normal standards. I have lost 110 lbs over the last 12 months and I have seen a orthopedic surgeon whom it took me 5 months to get an appointment with. he happily took me on as a patient. I am scheduled for the Left Knee TKR on Feb 7 2018, I am very nervous. My present condition is a known entity. the unknown scares me to death. I have saved my vacation time so I can have 3 months off to recover. Thank you all for sharing your stories on this site. Happy holidays to everyone.
Well done with the weight loss Christopher. I'm due for a new knee in April. I had a new hip years ago and it made such a difference.
Good luck for February.
Di (UK)
You are smart to give yourself a 3 month leave from work. I am not even 2 weeks post-surgery, but healing and moving ahead of the curve with not a lot of swelling and a fair amount of (albeit uncomfortable) flexibility. I am a go go go kind of person, and laying low has been a difficult life-style change. I wasn't prepared for how major this surgery would be. I have booked a few very very short free-lance jobs next week that don't require much movement, and have arranged for someone to drive me there and back. We'll see how it goes. Take all the time you need. Listen to your body, and keep working with a PT, or on your own, to improve your strength and flexibility.
By now I hope you know that after 3 months you should be doing well! I’m at 3 1/2 myself still some swelling if I walk more than 3 miles cumulatively but heck 2 ibuprofen and I’m good
My next/other one in a year I’ll be 67 and ready!! Good luck
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