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My 2nd TKR and so depressed

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I had my 1st TKR in 2014 and after 3 spinal fusions, I discovered no pain was worse than the TKR. I recovered and resumed life after 12 weeks. In May, 2017 I tore my meniscus in my other knee and went through all the channels and had repair surgery in July. Unfortunately, my knee was much worse than the MRI showed and I ended up having a TKR In September. I knew how horrid the pain would be along with the recovery and PT. I remembered being depressed and crying a lot the last time. I'm now 8 weeks post-op and very depressed and cry all the time. I have been stuck inside mostly now for going on 6 months, and realize I seem to be okay when I'm out for PT, Doctor visits, Etc. I also have severe sciatic nerve pain from my scoliosis which adds to the total picture. I've lost interest in most everything. I live 1,300 miles away from family and am dreading the holidays. I'm wondering if anyone here has felt so depressed and hopeless after 8 weeks (along with the 4 months prior to the TKR). Thanks in advance!
I had my first TKA Nov 1, 2017 and yes, I too felt depressed because of the pain. I'm 61 years old. I probably didn't do enough home PT like I was instructed to so I endend up scarring down and lost range of motion. I was only able to get to 120° with so much pain that I didn't count it as a milestone like my PT did. What good is forcing the number when I knew it wouldn't be there in my everyday life? So I would cry due to always being in pain and loss of motion. Not all the time, only when I couldn't get comfortable sleeping or kneel or squat.

I went back to work at 6 weeks. I'm an operating room nurse and I usually work three 12 hour shifts. I asked my surgeon to write a note asking that I do only three eight hour shifts. I wore a brace on my non-operative knee because I prepared to have it done as well. My gait was so bad I didn't want to ruin my new knee! After working 4 weeks in pain and a lot of swelling, I scheduled my other to be done Jan 10th, 2018... almost two days ago. I have a block pump that delivers numbing medicine. But I think it's a bit off on the numbed area. Its more the inside of my calf that is numb. Not my knee. I'm awake now because of the pain. I can't take a pain medication for another 4 hrs. My last dose was oxycodone 5mg at 11pm, but I'm approved for 10mg, so I might take it earlier since I'm writhing in pain. Yes, it's depressing but I'm determined on making it work. I have to. I need to work a few more years before I retire. I can't even imagine going back to work with the 12 hr shifts I had. I will make a change. I'm not going to let the short term pain beat me. My goal is going on walks with my dog, hikes with my husband like we used to and to start swimming a couple times a week. I've lost weight due to inactivity and depression but it's been muscle weight. My skin is saggy. I used to weigh in the mid 150's but I'm down to 127. Not the best way to lose weight but I couldn't tolerate the extra weight on my knees when I had to wear lead aprons at work during intraoperative x-rays and fluroscopy.

I think your depression subsidse when you go to you PT or doctor because you feel like you're doing something about it but when you get home you fall into your same behaviors. Maybe try and take baby steps and change it up. Walk in your house more than you would, then graduate to walking to a different goal... maybe your mailbox or the corner of your street. Anything different that make you feel like YOU are actively participating in your recovery.

I know it's gonna be quite a road to recovery, but we have to believe we're going to be better. You're going to need to separate the knee recovery from your back pain. I do spinal surgeries all day- everyday. You will probably always have some sort of spinal pain because of your fusions. The goal is not NO pain, rather, tolerable pain. I wish I could help you feel better, but maybe join a group, even online where you can talk about it. Groups help. Do you have a dog or cat? They help. Other than that, I wish you well. I wish myself well, too.
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