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How my life changed after knee replacement

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My 30+ year Journey to Knee Replacement

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My journey to this surgery started on August 10, 1981 when I crashed on a bicycle while on my way to work, I tore my Anterior cruciate and my meniscus in my right knee. Over the course of 30+ years I have had numerous surgeries and endured more pain than one person should endure in an entire lifetime!!!

After my last surgery my Dr. said I should be good to go until after the age they like one to wait for this surgery, I was 48 at that time, so I was at least 12 years out from the age of 60 they wanted me to wait for! In January of 2010 I took a terrible fall that caused me to break my right elbow and add more woes to my already bad knee. I had just gotten to a place where I could manage the pain just fine, but afterwards not so much. I patently dealt with my growing pain until the fateful day in June of 2013 (4th) when my Ortho doc spoke the words I'd been waiting to hear, "I'd like you to see a specialist for knee replacement" I saw that specialist, one of the best in the U.S. on June 25th, 2013 and he confirmed I was a candidate for the surgery!

Thus began my journey - which has included cortisone shots, Euflexxa shots, a corrective brace and a new Dr. ref, etc. as I waited for the ACA to start in January of this year (2014) so I could acquire the insurance I need to have the surgery, now that I have that piece in place I have a Dr. in place and his entire team who will help me gain back a quality of life I haven't had in 30+ years!!!

The rest of the story is yet to be written, but rest assured one will be written!

I appreciate all the stories I've read thus far on this site, as they give me more insight as to what kinds of things can happen along this journey I'm on.
Good luck to you. it is no cakewalk but the rewards are amazing. Fifteen months post op and I am still improving. Keep us posted on your progress.
Thanks Moleyman!
I'm a documenter of most everything in my life, and this will be something I want to share with others so they can make informed decisions.
Good luck to you...I hope you are doing well
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