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My bilateral journey

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I just found this group which I can already see will be helpful! Here’s my story and I’m sorry it will probably be too long! I’m a 70 yr old active woman who has had bad knees for over 10 years. My left knee got arthritis after a meniscus repair surgery and since I over used the right leg for so long, this last year the right knee became very painful, seemingly overnight. My husband and I retired about 5 years ago and were finally able to do some traveling. The last trip 2 years ago to Maine was less enjoyable because my knees hurt so bad after just a little sight seeing. In the last 5 years I saw two different ortho docs about knee replacement and they both said I didn’t need it because I could bend my legs pretty far. I couldn’t get them to understand that bending wasn’t the problem, walking over 30 minutes was! Last year I found a different doctor that gave me a much better exam and recommended replacement. After giving me several exercises to do for 3 months to strengthen my leg muscles I had bilateral knee replacement on 11/30/2020. An overnight stay in the hospital turned into 5 days due to blood loss and dropping blood pressure. They gave me a blood transfusion which helped and I finally went home with two continuous movement machines and two ice cooler packs. The machines were to be used for 7 days which meant my husband only had to help with them for two days at home. And since I was doing exercises 3 times a day these cumbersome machines had to be moved out of the way several times a day. So I was glad to have had to stay in hospital longer. Anyway, it has now been 2 months of exercises 3 times a day at home with a wonderful husband waiting on me. As of now I am not using any walking assistance except occasional walls and furniture ? but I am still in a lot of pain. Surgeon and therapist say I am on track and can bend both to about 115. My right leg is better than the left, which tends to stiffen up if I walk over 5 minutes. With cold Indiana weather and living in a small house I’m probably not walking as much as I should be. Yesterday I went to an appointment with my husband, walking on my own for the first time. I did pretty well but last night the pain really set in. Still doing exercises 3 times a day and have been on a recumbent bike 3 times a week, am up to 20 minutes. I am starting to get frustrated with not being able to do more but as my husband and Therapist keeps telling me I have to remember I had 2 major surgeries a couple months with two new knees and the journey will be long. I can’t wait to read about everyone’s experiences and can already tell most of us are in the same boat. Please share or ask questions so we can survive this together.....Georgia
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