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I decided to have my knee replaced when..
How my life changed after knee replacement

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My rehab experience for each knee

The Traveler
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I had my right knee replaced in October 10th 2012. Having been through this process in Maryland in 2007 with my left knee I was ready for the pain and I thought I dealt with the pain pretty well. I elected to stay at a rehab facility for 10 days after release from the hospital, I would have stayed the full 3 weeks expect that I went to therapy for 1 1/2 hours a day and the rest of the time was confined to a wheelchair or a hospital bed. After a few days in the bed my back hurt more than the recently replaced knee.

Therapy in 2007 for my left knee was a miserable experience, while you are sitting on a table a therapist is below the table trying to press your heel towards your buttocks to "stretch the knee". A terribly excruciating experience. Therapy this time was much more pleasant, still a good deal of discomfort, but you control the pain/discomfort using a hydraulic device, that you control, attached to a chair. (Much, much better).

I felt therapy was a positive experience for the right knee and very professionally done. As of this writing I have no knee pain and can do most of the things I could do 30 years ago. My arthritic back gives out long before my knee when we go for walks. Walking the beach is once again something we do regularly.

I am back to playing golf, still trying to straighten out the swing flaws I acquired while favoring one knee or the other. I don't think I could walk 18 holes but nine holes I think I could walk. I swim a lot for exercise and feel its doing me a lot of good "cardio wise" as well as keeping the knee loose.

I highly recommend the knee replacement surgery. The positive changes in lifestyle are tremendous.
thank you for your story . very helpful . best to you
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