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I decided to have my knee replaced when..
How my life changed after knee replacement

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Nightmare TKR

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I had total knee replacement 15 weeks ago and I am still in terrible pain. I started with PT coming to my house the week after I was home. My range of motion was excellent. They taught me the exercises and I did them every day. I elevated, iced and rest every day since surgery and I am still miserable. I went back for 4 week appt and explained my pain level. My doctor was so happy with my motion they neglected my pain level. I told her several times that I am having a bad time with my knee she dismissed me and told me I would be better and it just took a long time. No prescription was given to me to help ease my pain. They did take an X-ray and everything looked normal. I asked again about something to help me get through each day and night and she said no and she would see me back in May. That is six months from now. She also told me to not use my cane. I was so upset when I left. Every day I pray I will be better, just a little better, but it does not come. I need help so bad. Please know that is you decide to have this kind of surgery you might be like me..... think hard and long before doing it.
Wish my story was more positive. My TKR has taken over my life.
If anyone has any answers please help! Thank you!
I do not see a date on your entry, but I am so sorry for you! I would strongly recommend getting some CBD salve and coupling it with Tiger Balm. After a week to 10 days you will hopefully feel some relief.
You might consider a second dr. as well. I have my PCP and my surgeon - I. Go to my PCP for pain management as he has my history. Had a hip replacement in 2009, and take occasional Oxicodone for that. Thus he helps me with this as well.
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