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I decided to have my knee replaced when..
How my life changed after knee replacement

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One knee done, one to go

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I decided to have the knee replacements after cortisone and lubricant injections stopped working. The ultimate decision point was when I missed out on hiking during a trip to Utah because of pain. My right knee was done Aug 2, 2017. First couple of months were fairly miserable. I kept working on recovering flexibility and endurance and enjoyed a 5 mile walk yesterday. My left knee is scheduled for May 16, 2018. I wish I would have found sites like this before my first surgery so I would have had more realistic expectations on the recovery process - I was VERY naive.
Considering TKR left nee soon, Please explain more about what your expectations should have been. thanks
Best of luck in your upcoming TKR #2! I am not quite 2 weeks post op my first TKR and feeling blue. I realize it's early and I have a lot more to go through. Hoping I won't need #2... Happy healing!
I think it takes around 4 weeks to start feeling better. I am 4 weeks post on my right knee and feel like I am doing better every day. I went through the blues the first week. Mot fun!
Good for you I’m 66 but waiting the full year plus I’m doing so well as you are ditto to all you said —EXCEPT I’d wait a full year unless you can’t because your first one is technically still healing— of course you may be done now I’m late to the party LOL
All the best
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