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I decided to have my knee replaced when..
How my life changed after knee replacement

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One TKR done; One more to go.

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I got a TKR on my right knee 2 years ago. In the year before then, I had cortisone shots, physical therapy (PT), a custom brace, and even tried Synvisc. The pain was bad but what really got me into the operating room was the lack of stability in my knee. I couldn't count on my knee to support me as I walked. The first two weeks after surgery were ROUGH! I took the Oxycontin to control the pain and was able to wean off of them at 10 days post-op. After that, I progressed steadily and was able to go back to dancing 3 months post-op. I think that my left knee got jealous of all the attention my right knee was getting because it began to hurt and buckle and just generally became undependable. So, in 2 weeks, I'm hobbling into the OR for my second TKR. I have confidence in my surgeon and am expecting the same outcome this second time around: The first 2 weeks will be ROUGH and then I'll be dancing again 3 months post-op. If you're reading my story and are considering a TKR know this: It hurts like hell for the first couple of weeks but it's worth it! Do all of your PT and in a short couple of months, you'll be walking without pain.

This story is same like mine.. Hope everything goes fine.
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