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How my life changed after knee replacement

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I am a 54 yr old female and I damaged my knee my freshman year in high school playing basketball. Back then all the Dr. told me is you have a sprain. Ice and elevate. As years went on my knee buckled anytime I tried to do anything. Even on my wedding night as I was dancing. I love the picture of my dress bunched up with a bag of ice on my knee. As years passed and I had kids, my fear of some happening and I could not get to them in time scared me. At 35 it was time to do something and find out what was going on. Well I had torn my ACL. I had that fixed and Dr. was shocked at how much arthritis I had. That alone told me this journey wasn’t over. Pain slowly crept back over the years. I worked (had to quit 6 months ago)at a home improvement store walking on concrete 5-10 miles a day bending, squatting and lifting. Also 4 granddaughters that expect Grammy to run with them(they are the light of my life). My husband I also purchased motorcycles and enjoy wind therapy but this last year I didn’t feel comfortable getting on and off my bike (being it’s my Lt knee) the constant bend while riding it is so stiff and aching. I started with the surgeon that did my ACL a year and a half ago and he suggested a partial replacement. Something just didn’t sound right about that besides he said he would have to refer me to someone else. If that was the case I would do my research and pick who I wanted. I held off another year thinking maybe I wasn’t ready yet, now that surgery was on the table. Well at this point work was getting harder so a girlfriends husband had just had a TKR and did wonderful so I went to this Dr. He also recommended a partial but he also does not do partials he sent me to another Dr. for his option and said maybe he could explain why partial was what I needed. This surgeon was a father son team and the xrays they took were different positions than any others I had. They both examined my knee asked questions no others had and came back with... there is no way a partial is appropriate for me being I had a ACL revision in the past explained everything so well and showed me why on my xrays. Wow was all I thought. I scheduled surgery for 3 months later (end of year and insurance reasons) and now am looking at 1 week until surgery day. I will be getting the Mako robotic arm assisted TNR they explained everything so well I’m kinda freaked out now but know this is what’s going to help me get back to the life I want. Reading all these stories has helped and also I know more what is in store for me for the future months to come. We have a motorcycle trip planned for end of May so that is my motivation. Thanks everyone! Good luck to all.
Good luck in your TKR journey! Please continue to post your progress! Thanks!
You have had a long history with that knee! What I love about your post is your phrase about the surgery getting you back to the life you want. You have a lot of living to do, especially with 4 granddaughters and a motorcycle! I am 70 years old and am more than ready to be able to do some things that are very important to me. There is no need for us to be invalids or to risk falling which can cause huge problems as we get older. Yes I'm nervous about the coming surgery, but I'm excited about the prospect of new knees, and walking well.
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