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How my life changed after knee replacement

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Sports - Fun but I paid the price

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I spent most of my youth playing all sports and played softball and volleyball into my late 30s until my knees had enough. Obviously, volleyball puts considerable stress on knees, and as my interest in the sport continued, I played more and more until the knee damage was too much for me to continue. Life style changes caused a lack of exercise and weight gain.

My most obvious indication of serious knee problems was that vigorous walking would cause my right knee to swell up like a melon. Over the years, it continued to the point that any use of stairs would cause swelling, so I gave some serious thought to knee replacement. One of my best decisions was to have total knee replacement surgery.
Wow! This is my story too. I'm so anxious as I set the surgery date for 11/20. I would love to hear more about your surgery and recovery. I'm so glad I found this app!
That sounds very much like my situation also. Years of playing the sports I love even when in pain. I still force myself to exercise on a regular basis and to be active but its becoming more and more difficult and I’m limited in what i can do and I’m at the point where the constant pain is taking it’s toll and I hardly sleep at night. Rarely do I have a day where my knee isn’t swollen. I’m strongly considering surgery in Nov or Dec. Would love to hear more about your surgery and recovery.
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