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I decided to have my knee replaced when..
How my life changed after knee replacement

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Stay positive!

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My replacement was Dec 24th - ho ho ho. My schedule is to be back in the classroom teaching on Jan 24th 4 weeks to the day. I have never had the mentality of “replacement” but rather “fixed my bad”. I think this made a difference, as it was a mental embrace from the word go. Last Thu. , 24 days after surgery, I hit 118° of flexion, and have a full extension with a slight hyperextension. I have pushed hard - right to the limit but not over! - and feel so positive about it all. There is still some annoying pain but hopefully that will end soon, or so I keep telling my internal patient. Bottom line is you are going to get back what you give. STAY POSITIVE and don’t be afraid to push! My mantra for exercise is “TEMPORARY pain - let it hurt and let it go.”
At 64 I expected more problems but smooth sailing is the word - I am right on schedule. You can be good! Work towards the positive.
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