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I decided to have my knee replaced when..
How my life changed after knee replacement

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My 1st post!

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As an active bowler and golfer, my life came to a halt in January while bowling I heard something snap in my knee. 20+ years ago, I had arthroscopic surgery to repair my meniscus and I knew something wasn't right. I was referred to my OS who gave me some options. I chose the shots which of course did not work so after many months of pain and swelling I went back and decided to go ahead with the TKR. Oh and by the way I also have RA to add to all of this.

I am 10 days away from surgery and a bit nervous but at the same time excited to at some point may be getting a golf game in before it gets too chilly here in Charlotte. I am trying to keep positive thoughts throughout this journey.
VcFloyd I hope all is well! Can you share some of the things you encountered after your surgery? I’m scheduled to have my right knee replaced on 01/13/20 and I am too a little nervous about the process! Thanks!
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