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Three months Post Op

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Today marks three months since I had my right knee replaced, and I am still uncertain as to how happy I will be with my decision. Before surgery, I had mild to moderate arthritis, and could not walk more than a mile or two without it acting up. I could not run, play tennis, ski, do many moves in yoga, get on my knees for gardening, and I felt my life was getting more and more limited. But for the most part, I was pain free.
Now, three months after surgery, I still feel pain everyday. My leg is still not fully extended, so I must stretch it everyday,, and at night, sit with weights on it, that become uncomfortable after 10 minutes. I have a flexion of 120, or maybe a little bit more, which has stayed the same for two and a half months, no matter how many times I try to bend it further. I continue to bend it at least three to four times a day, and it is always sore afterwards, and there is always pain at night.
I just stopped physical therapy, so I am on my own, and just try to work everyday to get an improvement. I can walk fine, and feel almost normal going up and down stairs, so I could probably give up and be pain free. But I have been told that if I keep pushing it will be worth it, so I am resigned to a few more months of discomfort, hoping it will all pay off.
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