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I have had lupus for 30 years now and by coincidence clean & sober for 30 years! Seems as though at 56 years old, I have actually turned 86 years old. Love the cold air - in Houston A/C at 73 but layered in something warm. Summer sweat 24/7 if outside, yet wintertime at 40 degrees and sweat big time, I mean big drips coming down my face. My body is having a hard time distinguishing with age and temperature. Aging sucks, Lupus Sucks. I am also going blind and fell in the bathroom 4 weeks ago....bam hit top of head on drywalled wall then bam hit back of head into tiled/concreted wall, my teeth chattered, then I remember crying. Don't know yet what caused the fall. no bleeding, no bruises...ahhh I got by uninjured except for teeth rattle!! Two days later noticed this huge bruise on the back of my thigh going from side to side that just so happened to be the same size as my foot!!!! Well that I don't remember. Kept walking my 1 mile a night walk til 2 days in lots of pain in left knee, I just could not walk on it. With all this Covid-19 stuff going on I suffered at home with elevation, ice pack and just stayed off my foot. When I had to get out my 82 yr old moms walker just to get up to go pee or watch hubby hell with it, I am calling my Dr.

After a useless X-ray, GP couldn't understand why I was in so much pain. Had an MRI and she suddenly understood why the pain! Off to an Orthopedist, that happened today, AHHHH they could see my pain, my knee is very angry says the Dr. My RA, PA,shows on my 56 yr old bones. The swelling is what is causing most of pain, I have been icing & elevating for 4 weeks now! My meniscus was gone, root tear in back of knee, tibia is actually fractured. Dr actually looked at my leg and asked where the hell is your knee capjQuery1112008639412238648125_1593832298703 Ha ha, yeah I laughed too! Needless to say there is no repair that he can do that would be do any good....ex shots, arthroscopic or physical therapy. He sadly looked at my tearing eyes and said I need a knee replacement. He made an appt for me for next Tuesday (5/19) to see the surgeon, all this surgeon does is knees and hips......yup I have officially reached "old age". Seeing as how all my medical Dr visits have been current and I can tolerate surgery, this should happen fast. Afterall I am on bone on bone now!

So in my yankee (Boston girl all the way) sarcasm I asked if it would be worth my walking the mile slooooowly with my walker at night and of course in his - by luck, what luck now that I am in Houston,TX-to have a yankee Dr. - yankee sarcasm says no I suggest you walk with walker during the day. He just plum tickled himself walking out of my room!!! So, Stay off foot, elevate and ice til surgery. Boy what a day, I napped when I got home, takes a lot of energy to walk with that walker.

Bottom line, My question is, How do those with lupus with several underlying conditions do with a knee replacement??

So how are you doing?
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