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I decided to have my knee replaced when..
How my life changed after knee replacement

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New Knee 4 Me

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Some words of encouragement for those of you with TKR in your future. I am an active 67 year old who enjoys tennis, golf & dancing. I was told 12 years ago that my knee was bone on bone and loaded with arthritis and needed to be replaced. I was so afraid to have it done that I put up with the pain until it started interfering with things I enjoyed doing. I finally got up the courage and I had a left TKR done on 1/8/2018. Was it painful, yes. Will you get through it if you follow doctors orders for pain meds, ice & elevation? Yes! My PT evaluation was done on 1/18. I already had a 95 degree bend. I do my exercises several times a day. I am 15 days out from surgery and I can walk without the aid of a walker or cane. I went to my 1st real PT today and was scared from horror stories I had heard or read from others. Expected they would make me cry. Everything was fine. Took a pain pill before going and I was able to do everything they asked of me. I have improved to a 112 degree bend all on my own. When they pushed they got it to 115 before I said it was getting too uncomfortable. Again, I stress DO YOUR EXERCISES as directed at home so you can work out some of the stiffness. Ice, ice, ice! Went to my post op this afternoon and had my staples removed. Dr. says I am ahead of schedule for the progress I have made. So what I’m saying is YES, it will hurt, at times more than others, but with some determination, things will improve! Hope this has given some of you the encouragement you need to get through your TKR. Take care and best of luck with recovery to all of you.
Surgery was 3 weeks ago. Still having some swelling and slight stiffness. 2nd therapy session today. I now have 120 degrees angle on my own and up to 125 with therapist working it. Getting easier. Was told to continue with ice and elevation along with daily home exercises. For all of you on this same journey, we can do it!
I do well during the day without too much discomfort BUT sleeping at night is awful! Surgery was 23 days ago and still not able to sleep on my side easily even using a pillow between my legs. Just not a back sleeper. Why is it worse at night???? Falling asleep for maybe 2 hours at a time if I’m lucky. Then I need to get up, go to the bathroom and walk around before returning to bed for maybe another 2 hours. It’s a vicious circle. Anyone out there with ideas that might help?
I use my Alexa and have her play soft music. It helps me.
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