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Incentive Spirometer Important breathing exercises after knee replacement

The incentive spirometer is a handheld tool that assists the patient with deep breathing exercises. It helps to expand the lungs and prevent collapse of the small air filled sacs that allow air exchange. When these sacs collapse it causes a condition called atelectasis. Atelectasis is frequently a source of fevers in the first couple of days after knee replacementknee replacement.

Incentive spirometer

Incentive spirometer

Remember to breathe in during the use of the incentive spirometer. Use the incentive spirometer 10 times each hour while you are awake. While you are in the hospitalWhile you are in the hospital, make sure that the incentive spirometer stays within reach, as it is common for visiting family members to accidentally move it.

orthopaedic patient using Incentive sprirometer

orthopaedic patient using Incentive sprirometer

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Incentive Spirometer After Knee Replacement